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Starting a Catering Business in London

There are various ways of entering the catering business in London. However, it may not be a smooth ride since there are other established catering London businesses that offer remarkable services to their clients in London and the surrounding areas. This means that you really have to work hard, be unique and creative for you to become successful. It is crucial that you have the right ingredients to create an appetizing catering London business. The passion for food, necessary qualification, business skills or experience should just play a small role in the whole set up.

Catering presents an opportunity for individuals or groups to start a food service business using lower start up investment than starting a traditional restaurant. Restaurants demand for more services and logistics than the catering business. However, before you enter the world of catering and hospitality, you should do an extensive research, make a refined business plan, and seek for advice before making any financial commitment. You will then be required to prepare the budget necessary to purchase or hire critical equipment that would fit your business. You probably need storage equipment, mobile food van and food preparation equipment besides many others. There are different types of catering businesses. An example is the catering van business.

Setting up and running a catering van business

Setting up a catering van business is good for maneuverability purposes. However, it is a little bit more expensive than a catering trailer business. If you want a successful business, you should know the market where you will sell your services:

  • Events – there are many events happening in London and the UK at large each year. Therefore, try to familiarize with these events as well as get their contacts.
  • Licensed pitch – a motorized unit is good if you want to take it home on a daily basis to chill the fridges down or restock. However, it is important to find licensed pitches if your neighborhood object your van from parking in your compound. You could also find site concessionaires, which operate for large retail groups that license sites in car parks.
  • Franchise – numerous companies offer franchises from coffee in units to motorized units that sell coffee, or fish and chips.

Notably, the increase in demand for catering business is because of the increasing number of weddings, corporate events, higher-income households, event organizers, civic groups, and companies that need catering services. Different businesses are using dinner gatherings, cocktail parties, and catered lunches to curve their image as well as increase business profits.

Present lifestyle has also contributed to the increase in demand for catering services. Instead of using a lot of time in the kitchen, many homemakers nowadays use caterers to provide unforgettable feasts for their guests at home. Such events could include birthday parties, graduation, or wedding receptions. The idea of eating out is slowly fading away. Instead of going out to eat as a whole family, many mothers call on caterers to bring in the same great food or drinks.